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FxBlox Lite - ETH Edition

FxBlox Lite - ETH Edition

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Product Description

  • Ethereum Solo Staking has long been a superpower reserved for wealthy computer nerds. FxBlox Lite ETH Edition disrupts the staking landscape by providing a Plug and Play experience.
  • An accompanying mobile app guides you through connecting network, wallet, and from there staking your ETH on your own device is a few taps away.
  • A dashboard shows the staking rewards and device metrics. Device maintenance is minimal, both the app and the server software receive over-the-air updates.
  • In collaboration with Rocket Pool, the software lets you start staking with 10 ETH, with plans for smaller amounts in the future.
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Tech Specification

Delve into the details of FxBlox Lite's advanced engineering, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the delivery date for ETH Edition?

    Devices are scheduled to start shipping by end of Q2 2024.

  • Can I stake with 1 ETH or less?

    Rocket Pool smart nodes currently require 8 ETH + ~2ETH worth of RPL to function. You can follow up on their Discord about future plans.

  • What’s included in the package?

    The tower and Minibase. You’ll need a PD2/PD3 compatible power brick and an Ethernet dongle to start.

Expansion Cards sold seperately by Framework”.

Power adapter and cable are not included in the package as part of our efforts to reduce electrical waste. Device needs a PD2 or PD3 adapter to function.